Rotary Rugged sensor

Incremental encoder along with Absolute encoder

Absolute encoder with Cable output and D-Shaft

Flange mounting

  • Rotary Rugged Sensor is a transducer to detect the angle / speed of the system which correspondence to the rotary motion of the shaft.
  • Rotary Rugged Sensor is based on contactless Magnetic technology and hence has a very long life.
  • This Transducer can be customised in several ways to have different Electrical angle, Voltage Output, Current Output, Digital Communication signals such as SSI, SPI, I2C or Incremental Output.
  • Rotary Rugged Sensor housing and Sensor Shaft can be modified based on the requirement
  • This Transducer has a Optional of Having Span and Offset settable with TWO trim pots given at the back of the system for certain variant.
  • The Protection class of the standard sensor is IP65 However the same can be increased subject to the requirement of the user.
  • Technical
  • Mechanical
  • Encoder / Incremental Output


There are two types of Mounting Provision available.
1) Servo Mount: Servo mount Groove is available to fix the Transmitter for which 40mm of hole in a plate of minimum 2 mm thick need to be made along with clamp to fix the transmitter. EMC48 encoder mounting clamps are available for the same.
2) Top Mount: 3 M3 Threaded Screws at 120deg apart in a PCD of 30mm dia is given with 5mm dip. For which 20mm of hole in a plate of minimum 1mm thick is necessary.

To have the best performance of the sensor the Radial load on the sensor should be minimum. To elaborate the Misalignment between the Axis of the transmitter and Shaft should be nil.


Housing Alluminum
Shaft S.S
O-Ring Rubber
Cable Uniqa Make


Ordering Information



Parameters Results
Maximum Radial Load on shaft 1kg
Maximum Axial Load on shaft  1kg
Maximum Mechanical Speed 10000RPM
Encoder / Incremental Output


Wiring connection
Red Input (Vsupply)
Green GND
Yellow Channel A
Blue Channel B
Grey Index


Parameters Results
Supply Voltage (Vsupply) 5Vdc or 3.3Vdc or 24Vdc or 6 to 35Vdc
Supply Current 20mA
Incremental Output
Electrical Speed 10000RPM Max
PPR (Pulse Per Revolution) (A&B) 25,50,100,200,256,300,400,500,512,1000,1024
A & B Pulse Lag each other by 90deg.
Index pulse Z 1 pulse per RPM
Signal Type NPN open Collector. / PNP Open Collector / 5VTTL / 3.3V ABI
Sourcing Current 5mA
Maximum Electrical Speed 15000RPM


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