Multiturn Hall Effect Potentiometer

Hall Effect wiperless Multiturn precision potentiometer with direct 0.5 to 4.5Vdc output and 5vdc or 24Vdc input. Since wiperless can withstand high vibration capacity and extremely long life.

  • Rotary multiturn Angle sensor is based on contactless magentic hall's Effect technology. (RHMS-22).
  • RHMS is in a compact dimension of 22mm OD with Maximum 10 turn (3600 deg) and 20 turn (7200 deg)
  • The Output signal correspondence to 0 to maximum number of turns and degree. Standard being 10 turn and 20 turn. However we customise the sensor based on application requirment.
  • Since the Product is based on Contactless Hall's effect Technology it has very long life, No effect of radial load upto certain extent, High vibration withstanding rating.
  • The USP of the Product is with inbuild signal conditioner card with 0- 10Vdc output or PWM output or 0-5Vdc output. Beside this the back side slot allows the end user to precisely set the starting and end point.
  • For angle measurement less than 360 deg we have sensors with model number RHSS12, RHSS22 and RHSS48.
  • RHMS is a economical product with highly good accuracy and resolution of 12bit over a full range.
  • Variants
    • 12 bit resolution 5V input and 0.5 to 4.5Vdc Analog Ratio matric Output.
    • 12 bit resolution 24V input and 0 to 10Vdc Analog Ratio matric Output.
    • 12 bit resolution PWM Output.
    • Electrical angle can be 3 turn, 5 turn, 10 turn, 15 turn and 20 turn.
    • Mechanical angle can be 10 turn or 20 turn.
    • Shaft on both sides and Threaded shaft available.
    • Metal housing housing version available in 48mm dia.
    • Terminal Block, Turrets, Fly wire or cable output version available.
  • Benefits
    • Non Contact Linear Position Sensor based on Hall Effect Tenology.
    • Accurate Linearity upto 1% F.S. or 0.5% F.S (on request)
    • Extremely Long Life.
    • Extremely Compact in Size.
    • Short Circuit, Overvoltage and Reverse polarity protected.
  • Technical
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical


For best performance of RHMS-22 below points needs to be taken into consideration.
1) The hole in the panel should not be more than 9.5mm.
2) RHMS-22 should be mounted with Star washer given along with the product and perpendicularity between the panel and axis of Sensor should be maintained.

Magnetic Cross Talk

If two RHMS-22 units are to be installed closer than 4 inch (measured between the center of both shafts), a magnetic shield, such as a small steel plate should be installed in between to prevent one encoder from causing small changes in reported position through magnetic field cross -talk.


Component  Material
Housing Brass (endless)
PBT (with stop or endless)
Shaft Stainless
Busing Brass


Parameter  Value
Operating Temperature -40 to 75 deg (standard)
-40 to 140 deg ( on request)
Storage Temperature -40 to 75 degC
Vibration 20g.

Ordering Information



Input voltage Red - Fly wire
Brown - cable out
Gnd Green - Fly wire
Green - cable out
Output signal Yellow - Fly wire
White - cable out


Repeatability +/-5 deg
Effective electrical angle 1080,1800,3600,7200. Other angle on request available
Mechanical angle 3600 deg (for angle upto 3600 deg)
7200 deg ( for angle between 3600 to 7200 deg)
Maximum mechanical speed 500 RPM
Torque 1.8 N cm maximum
IP rating IP 50
Rotation shaft life 40 Million cycles
  • PWM O/P
  • Electrical Analog Output

Parameter Results
Supply Voltage (Vsupply) 5Vdc (+/- 10%) // 6 to 35Vdc
Supply Current 20mA // 35mA
Frequency 200Hz, 500Hz, 1K Hz or 2 Khz based on requirement
Resolution 12bit
Output (Voutput) 0% to 90% duty Cycle
Linearity 1% Independent Linearity ( Available 0.5% on request)


Download Datasheet

Electrical Analog Output


Parameters Results
Supply Voltage (Vsupply) 5Vdc(+/- 10%) // 6 to 35Vdc // 24Vdc
Supply Current 20mA // 50mA // 100mA
Response time 50mS
Resolution 12bit @ full angle
Load Resistance Minimum 10k ohms (preferred >100k ohms)
Output (Voutput) 10% to 90% Vsupply (Ratiomatric) @ 5V supply
0.5 to 4.5Vdc @ 6 to 35Vdc supply.
0 to 10Vdc @ 24Vdc (15-35Vdc)
Linearity 1% Independent Linearity ( Available 0.5% on request)
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