Customised Products

  • Dancer Winder Sensor (DWS) is based on contactless magnetic technology.
  • Working principle is based on as a rotary D shaft rotates analog signal of 0-10Vdc is obtained based on the angle of the shaft. The USP of the sensor being sensor can be customised in any angle based on the design of the Machine Builder.
  • Sensor is designed such that it is protected mechanically by endless motion of shaft as well as electrically with over voltage reverse polarity and short circuit Protection.
  • D shape on the shaft is for locking the dancer rod Hence as the Dancer rod will Move in turn the shaft will move. Metal pin is provided to lock the tention knob.
  • For Project requirement we customise the sensor design.
  • Advantages
    • Easy to mount
    • Less material to used compared to conventional system of Analog proximity
    • Extremely compact and economical
    • Versatile in nature as per customer need


Parameter Result
Input voltage 15-35Vdc
Output Signal 0-5Vdc or 0-10Vdc
Linearity 1%
Supply current 75mA
Output Load >5K ohms


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