1 watt Centre Tape Potentiometer

Centre tape / 4 wire potentiometerwith power rating 1 watt for joystic control application or similar application.

  • Potentiometer V.R-1CT is a panel setting device for a maximum wattage ratting upto 3 watt with Center tape.
  • V.R.-1CT is also known as 4 wire potentiometer.
  • V.R-1S is mainly used for economical solution with low life cycle, 5% Linearity tolerance and high current consumption applications. This is a ideal product where we need to operate a relay directly from the sensor without use of any more electronics.
  • It has a feasibility to customize in several ways. Such as shaft modification, lug terminal arrangement, a vast range of ohmic value from 10 ohms to 30k ohms, with center tape provision to have differential output.
  • The capability of the company to produce a vast range of potentiometer is a USP on its own.
  • The Product can be made to Ingress protection upto IP65 on request.
  • V.R-1CT has several other variants with model number V.R-1G (Ganged Potentiometer), V.R-1S (Endless Potentiometer), PM111 (panel set potentiometer).
  • Technical
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical

Mounting Specification / Acessories

For best performance of V.R-1CT below points needs to be taken into consideration.
1) The hole in the panel should not be more than 9.5mm.
2) V.R-1CT should be mounted with Star washer given along with the product and perpendicularity between the panel and axis of potentiometer should be maintained.

Ordering Information
- Resistance Value - Shaft length - Any specific Info.
V.R - 1CT- 10k Ohms - 25mm



Housing Material  ROHS complaint material
Mechanical Angle of rotation 285 deg +/-15 deg (+/- 142 CW or CCW from CT pin)
Starting Torque.  
End Stop Torque  
Bush Material Brass
Spindle Material Brass (standard). S.S on request.
Rotational Life expectancy 20,000 cycles.
Resistance Range 10 ohms to 30kOhms
Total resistance tolerance +/-10% (Standard) +/- 5% or +/-2% available on request.
End Resistance 2 ohm or 0.1% which ever is greater
Temperature coefficient of resistance Maximum 130 ppm / deg. C
Power rating 1 watt @ 40 deg C
Maximum wiper current Based on power rating of potentiometer and applied voltage
Maximum working voltage 250Vdc
Insulation Resistance 100 Mohms @ 500Vdc
Voltage Proof 1000Vdc for 1 min @ sea Level
Effective Electrical angle 265 +/- 15deg (+/- 132 CW or CCW from CT pin)
Temperature range upto 70 deg C
Standard resistance range 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1K, 2K, 2K5, 3K, 5K, 10K, 15K, 20K, 25K, 30K


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