Tilt Sensors

  • Tilt Sensor (TS-HE-P) is a tilt sensing product based on hall effect technology and Pendulum principle with a
    damping control.
  • TS-HE-P is built on mechanism with high reliability and strong construction for highly rugged environment. Since the Product is based on Contactless Magnetic Technology it has very long life.
  • The Output signal correspondence to 0 to 360deg of tilt. This full range is programmable based on requirement.
  • Tilt sensor can be specially programmed to have 4,3 or 2 cycles in over revolution hence increasing the accuracy.
  • For modern microcontrollers TS-HE-P is capable to give output in 0 to 3.3Vdc and to suppress the effect of Noise PWM output version is available.
  • TS-HE-P is a ideal product for application such as hospital beds, crane boom angle and SPM machine builders
  • Variants
    • 12 bit resolution
    • 24 or 5Vinput and 0 to 3.3Vdc/5Vdc/10Vdc/4 to 20mA/0 to 20mA Analog Output.
    • 24 or 5 or 3.3Vinput and Redundant (Dual) Output 0 to 5Vdc.
    • 24 or 5 or 3.3Vinput and PWM Output.
    • 14 bit resolution
    • 24 or 5 or 3.3Vinput and SPI along with PWM Output.
    • 24 or 5 or 3.3Vinput and I2C along with PWM Output.
    • Connectors or shielded cable available.
    • IP 69k Protection available.
  • Benefits
    • Non Contact Tilt Sensor based on Magnetic Technology.
    • Accurate Linearity upto 1% F.S. or 0.5% F.S (on request)
    • Extremely Long Life.
    • Extremely Compact in Size.
    • Angle programmable based on customer specific requirement.
    • Short Circuit Protected. ( For 5Vdc and PWM output versions).
    • Overvoltage protected. ( For 5Vdc and PWM output versions).
  • Technical
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical Analog Output


3 M3 Threaded holes at a PCD of 38mm dia at 120deg apart Along with 1 at 60deg apart from other two M3 threaded holes. It is recommended to Ground the shielding of the Shielded cable in order to gaurd the sensor from surges or environmental noise.


Parameter Value
Operating Temperature  -40 to 75 deg (standard) 
-40 to 140 deg ( on request)
Storage Temperature -40 to 75 degC
Vibration 20g.

Ordering Information

  Screw Connector Shielded
Vsupply Pin 1 Brown
Ground Pin 2 Green
Voutput Pin 3 White

TS-HE-P has been calibrated to have 50% of F.S output when it is being mounted perpendicular to the gravity .
TS-HE-P gives 0% of F.S output and 50% of F.S output when the Sensor is tilted in +/- direction to the Axis of the Sensor respectively.

Electrical Analog Output


Parameters Results
Supply Voltage (Vsupply) 5Vdc(+/- 10%) or 6-35Vdc or 24Vdc
Supply Current 20mA // 50mA // 100mA
Response time 50mS
Resolution 12bit
Load Resistance Minimum 10k ohms
Output (Voutput) 3 % to 97% Vsupply (Ratiomatric) for 5Vdc Input
0.5Vdc to 4.5Vdc for 6-35Vdc Input
0-10Vdc or 4-20mA for 24Vdc
Linearity 1% Independent Linearity ( Available 0.5% on request)
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