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Rugged Draw wire transducer is linear motion trasnducer for linear distance measurement upto 1200mm with Encoder Output

  • Draw wire Linear Transducer (DWDT) Is a Linear Distance Measuring Transducer for a Travel upto 1000 mm.
  • Due to Flexibility of the Wire the product is more adorable for application with long stroke measurement.
  • DWDT- O has a Optical Incremental encoder attached to one end of the sensor. Which is coupled with a Drum onn which the rope has been wound very precisely. On pulling the Rope the encoder shaft rotates and hence gives the information of the linear motion.
  • Since the Rope has been connected on the rope based on the appropriate tention of spring there is no error due to Back lash or play.
  • The Resolution of the sensor can be increased or decreased based on the selection of the encoder.


  • Technical
  • Variants



  • 4 M6 Holes at 59mm X 90.4 mm
  • The Mounting of the Sensor should be such that the pulling of the rope is in line with the rope guide.
Parameters Result
Maximum Rope Length 1000mm or 1500mm
Maximum Vibration 20g - 11ms/2g
Maximum Shaft Loading 20N Axial, 50N Radial
Drum Size (Length of rope in One turn of Encoder) 150.864mm
Encoder PPR in One Turn 500 and 1000 PPR (Standard)
Other available on Request.
Number of channels A&B with 90 deg Phase shift (Standard)
Where as A,B,Z, A', B', Z' or any combination of
this are available on request)
Maximum speed of pulling rope 33mm/ second
Encoder Supply 5Vdc, 8-30Vdc
Max. No. Load Current 100mA, 50mA
Maximum output current +/- 20mA
Output Type PNP / NPN
Operating Temperature 0 - 60deg
Storage -20 to 70 deg
Protection Class IP 64



Housing:  Alluminum
Rope: Stainless Steel
Rope Guide: Brass


Ordering Code
DWDT-O-PPR of Encoder- Stroke Length-Any Specific Info.
For Example: DWDT-O-500-1000



Draw wire linear transducer upto 150mm stroke with Contactless Magnetic Absolute Encoder (Detachable)

For Detailed Datasheet and more technical information please contact
Mr. Pavan Kinariwala - 9998700754



Draw wire linear transducer upto 1500mm stroke with Multiturn Wire Wound Potentiometer (Detachable)

For Detailed Datasheet and more technical information please contact
Mr. Pavan Kinariwala - 9998700754


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