Speed Sensors

Speed sensor or Gear tooth sensor or magentic pickup to count gear teeth upto as high speed as 15K hz in Full Metal Casing or Automotive type Plastic casing

Engineering Plastic Series

Full Metal INOX Series

  • Speed sensor is based on Magnetic Hall effect technology.
  • The main USP of the Product is it is IP67 protected with Extremely High speed functional capability upto 15kHz and upto zero speed on lower end .
  • Speed sensor is mainly used to detect the presence of a ferrous / magnetic material and hence being designed considering to count the number of teeth in a Gear Wheel.
  • Housing Can be customised on Project requirements.

Input Voltage External Pull up resistor
5Vdc 1k ohms
12Vdc 2k5 ohms
15Vdc 3k ohms
24Vdc 3k ohms
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical


Vibration 15g max from 40Hz to 2K hz
Operating Temperature -40 C to 140 C
Storage Temperature -40 C to 150 C
Protection Class Ip67
Operating Air Gap 1.5mm
Material Engineering plastic
Brass (Standard)
S.S on request.
  • For sensor Best performance we recommend minimum target width of 2.5mm. However smaller dimension target may work but depends on the application and sensor precise mounting.
  • This sensor only detect ferrous / magnetic material.
  • Sensor performance also depends on the air gap between the sensor sensing surface and the target.
  • Sensor is available with inbuilt water sealed connector / Wire harness system.
Operating Voltage range 5 to 24Vdc
Maximum input voltage 30Vdc
Maximum Reverse voltage 24Vdc
Supply current 6mA
Output current 25mA
Output Signal NPN open collector (Senses only Ferrous material)
Push pull version shortly introducing
Output frequency Maximum 15kHz
Load Resistance As per chart


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