Rotary Sensor Kit

  • The Rotary Sensor Kit is used to detect the angle / speed of system which correspondence to the rotary motion of the shaft of the sensor.
  • RSSK-12 is a complete disassembled kit for easy mounting and accurate mounting of sensor.
  • With disassembled kit it is very attractive for applcation which demands for extremely low torque
  • The Output signal correspondence to 0 to 360deg. This full range is programmable based on requirement.
  • Since the Product is based on Contactless Magnetic Technology it has very long life.
  • Endless Rotary sensor can be specially programmed to have 4,3 or 2 cycles in over revolution hence increasing the accuracy.
  • For modern microcontrollers RSSK-12 is capable to give output in 0 to 3.3Vdc,SPI, I2C, Quadrature, Incremental and to suppress the effect of Noise PWM output version is also available.
  • Variants
    • 12 bit resolution 0 to 3.3Vdc Analog Ratio matric Output.
    • 12 bit resolution 0 to 5Vdc Analog Ratio matric Output.
    • 12 bit resolution 0 to 5Vdc Analog Ratio matric Dual Output.
    • 12 bit resolution PWM Output.
    • Incremental output with max. 1024 ppr in one revolution.
    • 14 bit resolution SPI interface.
    • 14bit resolution I2C interface.
    • Sleeve bushing, Servo Mount, Flange Mount and Ball Bearing versions.
    • Connectors or shielded cable available.
    • IP 69k Protection available.
  • Benefits
    • Non Contact Rotary Position Sensor based on Hall Effect Tenology.
    • Accurate Linearity upto 1% F.S. or 0.5% F.S (on request)
    • Extremely Long Life.
    • Extremely Compact in Size.
    • Angle programmable based on customer specific requirement.
    • Short Circuit Protected. ( For 5Vdc and PWM output versions).
    • Overvoltage protected. ( For 5Vdc and PWM output versions).
    • Reverse polarity protected. ( For 5Vdc and PWM output versions).
  • Technical
  • Mechanical
  • Incremental Output


Magnetic Cross Talk

If two RSSK12 units are to be installed closer than 2 inch (measured between the center of both shafts), a magnetic shield, such as a small steel plate should be installed in between to prevent one encoder from causing small changes in reported position through magnetic field cross -talk .


Component Material
Housing Engineering plastic
Shaft Holder Engineering plastic



Parameter Value
Operating Temperature  -40 to 75 deg (standard) 
-40 to 140 deg ( on request)
Storage Temperature -40 to 75 degC
Vibration 20g.

Ordering Information



RSSK-12 is a Rotary sensor Kit comprises of mainly Three parts and the same can be mounted in three steps.

Step 1: Mounting of Shaft Holder : Push Fit the shaft holder on the shaft with maximum height of 5mm with (6.3 + 0.02mm) Shaft Diameter with a maximum radial play allowed of 0.2mm. Lesser the radial play higher the accuracy. Customization of the shaft holder is possible.

Step 2 : Mounting of Sensor Head : On the shaft holder keep the Sensor head such that the shaft holder goes inside the sensor head.

Step 3: Mounting of Disc : On the Sensor head insert the Mounting disc such that the step on the mounting disc faces towards the mounting plate and fasten the screw at a PCD of 19mm. Note you can rotate the sensor head prior to fixing the screw by energizing the encoder to desired position.


Incremental Output

Wiring connection
Red Input (Vsupply)
Green GND
Yellow Channel A
Blue Channel B
Grey Index


Parameters Results
Supply Voltage (Vsupply) 5Vdc / 3.3Vdc
Supply Current 20mA
Electrical Speed 10000RPM Max
PPR (Pulse Per Revolution) (A&B) 25,50,100,200,256,300,400,500,512,1000,1024
A & B Pulse Lag each other by 90deg.
Index pulse Z 1 pulse per RPM


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