Potentiometer with detent switch

PWS is a detent switch potentiometer. There is a centere detent switch potentiometer.

  • Potentiometer with detent (PWS-25) is a conductive plastic potentiometer with center on off switch.
  • PWS-25 is available in two standard ohmic values 5k ohms and 10k ohms with a center tac-tile switch makes it a compact solution for several applications.
  • PWS-25 is a conductive plastic potentiometer and hence has a extremely long life.
  • PWS-25 is available with a single turn or endless without stop version.
  • Technical
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical


  • Medical Equipment.
  • Stereo System.
  • Variable microcontroller based power supplies.
  • Casino panel


For best performance of PWS-25 below points needs to be taken into consideration.
1) The hole in the panel should not be more than 9.5mm.
2) PWS-25 should be mounted with Star washer given along with the product and perpendicularity between the panel and axis of Sensor should be maintained.

Ordering Information
PWS-25- Resistance Range - Endless / With Stop - Any other Info
For Example: PWS-25-10k ohms - Endless

Parameters  Result
Mechanical Life 1 Lakh Cycles
Mechanical Angle  360 Deg (endless) or 330 Deg(with stop)
Switch Motion 0.1mm
Housing Material PBT
Shaft Material Brass
Parameters  Result
Resistance Element Conductive Plastic
Resistance Range 5k ohms or 10k ohms ( Other on request)
Total Resistance Tolerance +/- 20%
Linearity +/- 2%
Resolution Infinite
Dielectric Strength Min. 1000VAC for 1 minute
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance ± 500 ppm/˚C
Effective Electrical Angle 300 deg
Maximum Distortion in Ohmic value when Switch is pressed +/-0.5%
Switch Current Carrying capacity 10mA @ 5Vdc
Potentiometer Current Carrying Capacity 10mA


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